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Grant Guidelines

What is the focus on the HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity grant making?

The HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity will intentionally invest in people and communities that have been systematically disenfranchised or disadvantaged − to help them move toward homeownership. All grant requests must describe how the proposed project will address at least one of HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity’s four areas of interest: education, investing in people, financial assistance and community reinvestment – to increase homeownership and generational wealth for African Americans or other people of color.

Projects could include a wide range of efforts, such as financial education, credit counseling, assistance with mortgage applications and support for community development organizations.

What types of organizations may apply for funding?

Recipient organizations must have 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 nonprofit status, with projects or programs to support increased homeownership and generational wealth for African Americans and people of color. This could include a community project sponsored by a religious organization, such as a food pantry or temporary housing.

What types of organizations will not be considered for funding?


  • Those that discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or people with disabilities, with respect to employment, volunteers or the provision of services
  • Organizations that conduct fundraising on behalf of other nonprofits
  • Religious organizations for sectarian purposes
  • Local, regional or school-based sports teams
  • Public or private elementary or secondary schools
  • Political campaigns or candidates
  • Capital campaigns


Does a requesting organization need a physical address?

Yes. Requesting organizations must have a street address.


What is the policy on nonprofit fund redistribution?

We do not make grants to nonprofit organizations that conduct fundraising for other nonprofits. However, we do make gifts to nonprofits that directly serve our target population.


Do we give to individuals?

Yes, in some circumstances. As a not-for-profit public charity, HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity will provide direct assistance to individuals for down payment assistance, mentorships or scholarships to begin a career in real estate or to provide support for other activities that align with our mission.


How does my organization apply for a gift?

Download the grant request fillable PDF on the HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity website and provide all requested information about your organization, detailing your organization’s plan to address the goals of the foundation. Please note that HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity administrators may request additional information about your organization or donation request.


How often can my organization submit a donation request?

HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity considers donation requests each quarter. Proposals or requests for funding are due by the 10th of the month in January, April, July, and October. All requests that align with our mission and fit within our guidelines will be considered.

A nonprofit may receive a donation only once per calendar year, but if a proposal is not funded, nonprofits may apply in subsequent rounds, addressing feedback from HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity.

Can we sponsor an event or fundraiser? 

Our guidelines do not allow us to sponsor an event or fundraiser.


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Separately Mail or Email These Forms

1. W-9 Form. Please be sure you are using the current form, that it is fully completed and signed in the current year.
2. IRS Exemption Form.
3. Most recent Federal Tax Filing Form 990.

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Additional Info & Send

You are welcome to include a brochure, letter or newsletters about your nonprofit. Once you have all of your forms prepared, submit your package either by email or mail:

HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity
6800 France Avenue, Suite 610
Edina, MN 55435
Tel: 888.485.0018

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Please note that Boards or Administrators may request additional information about your organization or donation request.