Working to realize full participation in the American dream for African Americans and communities of color


Increasing homeownership and generational wealth.

Home ownership is essential for housing stability and generational wealth accumulation, but today, far too many people are unable to access the American dream of homeownership. The HomeServices Foundation for Housing Equity is committed to increasing homeownership and generational wealth for communities of color through education, investment in individuals, financial assistance and community reinvestment.

Historical Impediments to Minority Homeownership

Today’s housing disparities did not happen overnight. Systemic barriers in the housing industry have served to limit housing opportunities and deny people of color opportunities to obtain generational wealth. By understanding and addressing housing disparities, we can help create meaningful change for many of our communities of color in the United States.

Freedman’s Savings Bank


Civil Rights Act


Plessy v Ferguson


Black Wall Street


Jim Crow Era

(1877 – 1968)

New Deal Housing Program

(1930 – 1950)

Creation of FHA


G.I. Bill


Executive Order No. 11063


Your Support is Key

We are committed to creating an equitable housing industry where barriers to homeownership are removed. 

We are committed to increasing homeownership and generational wealth for minorities through education, financial assistance, community reinvestment and programs designed to increase minority participation in the real estate industry. Together, we are committed to dismantling systemic barriers to achievement by providing strategic aid to communities of color.

Join us as we work to fulfill the promise of the American dream for generations of families to come.

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